How the Flavor Matrix Works

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Learn the Language of Food

Food speaks its own language and we call it – flavor. Simply put, we eat because we crave flavor. It’s the one thing that can unite people from every culture, for we all have an emotional and nutritional need for flavor.

Food is nature’s pharmacy and binds to the same receptors as man made drugs. The Flavor Matrix  uses principles from drug pharmacology to “match” aromatics that will excite the receptors that deliver pleasure to the brain. This increases your sense of wellness through your personalized Tapestry of Taste™which is your own blockchain of flavors.

Our perception of flavor occurs when taste and aroma combine and gain direct access to our brain through the olfactory nerve. If a flavor is pleasing, we release dopamine, a potent neurotransmitter that is associated with pleasure. When an emotion is attached to flavor, we experience the Proust effect, or Umami synergy.

Flavor is Information

Using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry we profiled over 16000 aroma chemicals in culinary and cocktail ingredients to form a database that digitizes the ability to stimulate the release of dopamine. Each of us has a Tapestry of Taste which is unique to our personal response to flavor that results in an emotional response. By matching aromatics to your profile, you can create a culinary emotion with every recipe.

Flavor is Love

Biting into food can be “a comforting return to the womb. It’s a childhood blanket, a note in your lunch from Mom, your older brother telling you don’t worry about losing the ball game, Tiger, you’ll get ’em next time” kind of experience, says Lucas Peterson on Lucky Peach.  Flavor can trigger memories of being nourished and loved, which  makes anyone happy. Let My Cocktail and Flavor Matrix™ guide you to your happy place with every bite.

Flavor Promotes Nutrition

Flavor signals our bodies that nutrients are available, so when you build matching aromatic profiles, you increase the nutrient content of the recipe. Flavor-packed foods contain secondary compounds or co-factors that trigger satiety, or the “happy tummy” response. By enjoying more flavorful food, Mother Nature rewards us by decreasing the calories we consume, resulting in everyone becoming “well-thy.” The greatest predictor of health is what you find delicious, so let My Flavor Matrix™ be your new health and wellness coach.

Smarter Than a Three Star Chef

It takes approximately ten years of tasting foods for a Three Star Chef to be able to bounce flavors off each other and create new, interesting recipes. Just watch Grant Achatz develop a recipe using flavor bouncing:

The Cocktail and Flavor Matrix™ can build a “mind palace” of flavors in seconds that suits YOUR personal taste profile. The Matrix confirms “classic” combinations, such as meat and potatoes, then let’s you uncover new delicious flavors that will put a  smile on your face and just plain make you happy and healthy! Looking for a bible of flavors? Use our “Flavor Cloud™” to find suggestions of food pairings from thousands of recipes by cuisine style.  It’s so easy you’ll think you died and went to heaven every time you design a new recipe with My Cocktail and Flavor Matrix.™

Viewing the Matrixtaste and smell matrix

Any time during your recipe creation, you can view the Matrix and see our “secret sauce” – the actual blockchain of aromatic and taste components as they combine. We’ve even included a visual display of the blockchain of aromas and tastes so you can “see” how your recipe will taste & smell before you make it.

Our Flavor Matrix uses machine learning and complex data analysis to calculate the degree of matching compatibility  that will deliver pleasure every time you select an ingredient. Shared aromatics are more likely to generate the release of dopamine, creating a pleasing reward in every bite.



taste and smell matrix

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There’s a lot to love about the Flavor Matrix so give it a try !.

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