What is the Flavor Matrix?

flavor pairingFlavor pairing is a method for identifying and amplifying which tastes and aromas go well together – in one recipe, in multiple foods on the same plate, or in foods and beverages that will be served together.

There is indeed a lot of “science” behind flavor amplification – based upon the similarity of the major molecules of foods & drinks, and how they combine.  Molecular gastronomy is often the scientific term used to refer to this process.

My Flavor Matrix™ handles the boring “science” of molecular flavor pairing for you – so that you can focus on having fun creating amazing food & beverage combinations that you LOVE!

My Flavor Matrix™ Personalizes Flavor

My Flavor Matrix™ takes flavor amplification to the next level, by first identifying your own individual unique likes and dislikes in a personalized Tapestry of Taste™.

My Flavor Matrix™ does not just pair complementary flavors – it incorporates your profile and pairs only the flavors that YOU LIKE into dishes and drinks that will have you falling in love with every meal.

Each individual has about 9000 taste buds on their tongue that are capable of detecting sweet, salt, sour, bitter and umami – and about 1000 different smell receptors allowing a person to distinguish more than 10,000 different aromas! In fact, aroma accounts for about 80% of your taste experience.

My Flavor Matrix™ enables you to create your very own taste profile, and then scientifically “matches” the flavors you love – in food, desserts, beverages and/or cocktails – into recipes that will delight every one of your 9000 taste buds. That’s a lot of “buds” to keep happy!

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